Why snoring is bad for you, and what your dentist can do to help

What is sleep apnea?

Sleep apnea is a common disorder that causes you to pause your breathing while your body is trying to rest. Some patients also take shallow breaths while they sleep—which is just as dangerous. These pauses can last from just a few seconds all the way to minutes, which is a huge risk for your health. Your breathing pattern can stop and start anywhere from 20 to 30 times in just one hour! When you do begin to breathe again, it typically starts with a loud snort or choking sound. The biggest risk factor associated with sleep apnea is breathing cessation (interruption).

These obstructions stop your body from completing your full cycle, most likely interrupting the most important part of your sleep cycle REM sleep. Sleep deprivation takes a huge toll our body and on the overall quality of your life. You are constantly tired and most likely not the most enjoyable person to be around. The emotional toll becomes evident, making the simplest tasks difficult to focus on. Your increased irritability will eventually affect your relationships with the loved ones around you.

What are sleep apnea symptoms?

The most common symptom of sleep apnea is snoring. It’s important not to mix up the fact that just because you snore,  If you experience any of these symptoms or just feel genuinely fatigued no matter what you do, Hills Family Dental may be able to help

  • Frequent snoring

  • Episodes with no breathing

  • Choking or gasping sounds

  • Daytime sleepiness or fatigue

  • Insomnia

  • Morning headaches

  • Difficulty focusing

  • Irritability

How can my dentist help with my sleep apnea?

You may not think to call your dentist if you’re experiencing difficulties sleeping. But, the facts are that your mouth, alignment, and throat are all connected with other important systems in your body—including your respiratory system. After we have determined that you have a snoring issue,  Our office creates custom oral appliances that gently shift the jaw forward allowing you to breathe with ease.

You can truly feel a significant difference when you get a full night’s rest. Anyone you’re sleeping next to will be able to tell the difference! 

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